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        Service employers to retain employees to worry about at the end of World War II resurgence of pay


        Approaching end of the year, is the home for the holiday or stay in Beijing, or find another high branches, service industry, "paid love" went to the ups and downs of the critical period. Employees said: The most tired just around the corner, the boss how much meaning should mean; and business owners also worry about: In order to retain employees, almost all thought of what move you, these 90 children how to not want to stay?

        Employee says

        Waiter: the end of the busy nature of the rose

        "Please Do not write your waiter pay up, and I have a headache for the dead." Operating in a small restaurant near the Drum Tower's Yang said the store a total of six home attendants. Late last month, which they gathered the six people came to talk to him, hoping to increase monthly salary of 200 yuan, or collective quit.

        "Finally, they each add to 100 yuan, the whole monthly salary of 2,000. Restaurant workload is not large, it is not too low." Yang told reporters reluctantly, in the bargaining process, he also waiters "education ":" People say, we worry about finding a new job, you see the streets almost every restaurant are plastered with recruitment notices. "waiter who said at the end of the busy nature should be up wages; the street to the restaurant to dig foot of a wall and they had not agreed to go, is "looking at the boss usually pretty good for us."

        Increased cost of living in Beijing, peer messaging between the contract insecurity, coupled with shortage of foreign workers return home and other factors caused by the employer is required at the end of the service sector, "raises" the main factors. A store attendant surnamed Zhao Yang told reporters, even if owner Guanchiguanzhu, the cost of living in the capital rose too, "makes a guilty conscience." In addition, although they are under contract, but in addition provides for salary and accommodation package, the basic no other protection. "If I get sick can not work, the boss must immediately dismiss substitutions." Xiao Zhao said, asking for a raise is due to "earn a little bit is" psychological.

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