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        Volvo China strategy for the first time, "appear in court"


        Time of Dec. 9, Sweden, Gothenburg, such as heavy snow in the beautiful fairy tale. Day after the acquisition of Volvo's most auspicious substantive progress at a board meeting is held.

        Years ago, part of the shares is expected to soar! Confidential! Market institutions will soon be reversed capital flows have changed dramatically! Main funds are plotting a new layout at this meeting, the Board agreed on two things: One is the Volvo will further enhance its "Scandinavian design, global luxury car" brand positioning. The second is concern Volvo China strategy, the development of China-related programs on the first time, rather than the previous rumors of the Board of Directors has denied a number of factories in China, plans to set up. Volvo subsequently issued a press release revealed that members of the Board agreed to Volvo in China's future strategic direction.

        It is learned that China's development plan involves the previously mentioned set up several factories in China, product development and other strategies, the direction is set, but China needs to further refine and improve the management of the development plan and submitted to the next Board meeting to discuss and decision could come as soon officially released next March. Volvo Cars said, according to union representatives, the board has been set in the content, the Geely factory in Chengdu will be the Volvo after the first domestic factory in China.

        At the same time, Volvo had established headquarters in China will be formally listed. According to sources, the organizational framework of the Volvo China headquarters has been set so the earliest possible after February next year in Shanghai, formally. Is currently recruiting nervously, number of recruits will not be less than 1200.

        China's strategy began to "appear in court"

        Although Volvo is defined as the meeting will be a routine meeting of the Board, but more in the direction of the product compared to the previous discussion so different, the board of directors into the hands of strategic decision-making stage. Li Shufu, chairman of Volvo Car Corporation with the words: "The board of directors made a number of major decisions, for the Volvo 'Fanghuguishan' future development plans and to develop a clear strategic direction."

        "A number of important decisions", including the Volvo will continue to promote its "security" and "green" areas of leadership, continue to adhere to "quality and Scandinavian design," the core brand value, continue to adhere to the Volvo, "Scandinavian Design , the global luxury brand, "the tradition. This is definitely a luxury car Volvo will continue the tradition of positioning, denied the recent printing of the front of "Volvo will give up the luxury line" of the rumors.

        Of course, the Volvo China's development strategy is the focus of the meeting, at this meeting, the board members reached a consensus that the Volvo China must develop a sustainable development plan, the plan should fully consider what models production in China, which imported cars is expected to build sales and domestic production.

        President and CEO of Volvo Car Corporation, Stephen Jacques cloth (Stefan Jacoby), said: "Now, Volvo is an independent operating company, we must seriously study and close to the market, the rapid introduction of new products and services."

        Suspense left now is whether Volvo in the "chain of Volvo funds appeared in three cities," the smooth establishment of the factory? Earlier rumors that Volvo board has rejected a number of factories in China, plans to set up. But in fact, the program at this board meeting it was formally proposed, and the need to further refine the Volvo China and improve the management, the fastest at the next board meeting discussions and decisions.

        Now, there is a nearly three plants have been identified. Volvo union representatives Malcolm Pell hydrochloride (Marko Peltonen) to the outside world, the Volvo board of directors has agreed to take over the city in southwest China Geely factory producing Volvo cars in this as the cornerstone of development strategy in China .

        Geely plant southwest of Chengdu base, the plant covers an area of 870,000 square meters. Earlier sources, the plant is in accordance with the requirements of the transformation of the production Volvo. Analysis of the industry, even if ultimately approved by the board of Volvo in Jiading, Shanghai, Daqing two local factories, the factory will be first factory in Chengdu. Another reason is that the two are brand new factory complex procedures that require approval, but also has some construction period, production may be a year or two later. Quickly made to enhance Volvo's sales in China, implementation of the transformation of the factory in Chengdu is clearly more in line with reality. Chengdu factory is expected to be the first production models of Volvo cars next heavyweight S60.

        The only Volvo China's strategic development plan in the world as part of ten years. It is reported that Jacob led by the president of the global ten-year development plans are being developed, the program will display a progress every two weeks, probably in March next year, announced that China's strategy will be at the same time exposure.

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