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        Cool hit heavy snowfall southward Northeast snow the next three days (Figure)



        December 12, heavy snowfall cool weather Zaixi Liaoshen. As at 20:00 on the 12th, Shenyang, Anshan, Fushun, Benxi, Dandong, Liaoyang, Tieling 7 heavy snow regions, including the emergence of Dandong Donggang Blizzard, the maximum rainfall of 14 mm, 6 mm rainfall in Shenyang, the largest snow New Binda depth to 21 cm.

        Frequent cold air activities, resulting in Shenyang, appeared two days snow, icy roads causing inconvenience to public travel. Urban areas the average temperature dropped to -10 ℃ the following on the 11th, and today the minimum temperature -22 ℃, cool the next few days will continue this year, Chen Cheng into winter date should be Dec. 11, earlier than normal about 10 to days.

        According to the Shenyang Meteorological Observatory forecast, the next 3 days, the weather will be sunny Chen Cheng-based, the next two days the minimum temperature is lower than -20 ℃, the highest temperature of -11 ℃ to -10 ℃.

        Also News: This week, North and South will significantly decrease the temperature, the temperature lows will continue to be common. With the cold air south, the temperature along the Yangtze River in the doldrums, winter begins to start. Meanwhile, the Huang-Huai to the southern range of the big snow, the snow line gradually moved south, and more snow fell.

        A wide range of temperatures and more rain and snow hits new low

        Dec. 11 began, a surge of strong cold air invasion from northwest to southeast China, the country most of the significant decline in temperature, rain and snow and gradually expand the scope. Its influence will continue to 16 or so. Central Meteorological Station chief forecaster He Lifu analysis, and the strong cold air outbreaks different characteristics of the cold air southward invasion showed a continuous split, the temperature was gradually decreased the overall trend, the cumulative effect of significant cooling. Here, the country most of the cooling 6 ~ 8 ℃, the local temperature above 10 ℃.

        Weather experts believe that it shares with the current cold air moving east south, over the next few days temperatures will drop daily maximum temperature and minimum temperature lows will become commonplace in some places even extreme challenges in recent years over the same period of history.

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